2023 Virtual LeaderCon

September 20-21

Hosted by Kevin Eikenberry

2 Days of Powerful Leadership Learning with 12 World-Class Speakers!

Virtual LeaderCon is a virtual leadership conference providing leaders and learners around the world the chance to learn with and from top thought leaders and best-selling authors. At Virtual LeaderCon, every session is a live conversation. While we will guide each conversation with the expert, unlike a keynote, you can join in, ask your questions, and actually participate in the conversation.

With over a dozen sessions planned, our comprehensive conference program is designed to equip leaders of all levels with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in today’s workplace. Handpick the sessions you want to attend based on your current needs and goals or attend them all! It is completely flexible based on your needs. And since it is free, there is no guilt in missing anything either.

And while there is much you will learn from the thought leaders, since you are learning from and with like-minded learning leaders from around the world, you will learn from the questions and insight of your fellow participants too. There is no more powerful community than the one you will find at Virtual LeaderCon.

If you are serious about your own professional development, don’t bypass this event. You will leave a better leader (and human). The chances to learn and grow during Virtual LeaderCon are unmatched. You will leave informed, but more than that, you will leave inspired. It might be the most valuable, positive, and uplifting learning experience of your year.

And if that’s not enough…

You can win valuable prizes! We will give away books and prizes to participants in nearly every session. Come for free and you might still leave with additional resources!

Join us for Virtual LeaderCon to:

  • Interact via chat with other like-minded leaders, sharing ideas and insights
  • Win signed books, virtual courses, and other valuable prizes
  • Refresh and learn
  • Make learning fun again (yes, one of goals is to make this fun – if you don’t laugh at least every ten minutes, we aren’t doing our job)

And while registration is completely free, we also have a Premium Registration option. For just $129, you can have lifetime access to everything we talk about, every expert, every idea, and all the wonderful surprises that come with a live event.

Learn from The Experts

We have gathered the world's foremost experts on leadership, organizational culture, remote/hybrid work and more to bring you the most valuable, insightful, and inspiring event yet!

See what others are saying about Virtual LeaderCon!

This was an incredible experience. A huge thank you to the entire team for creating such a fantastic program!

This was a terrific conference. I learned so much! The opening session really set the tone for the whole week! Just fantastic!

Loved the speaker and content. I loved the ability to pick and choose based on my schedule and I liked seeing the themes across speakers and sessions.

I have already recommended this to our leadership coach as a phenomenal event.

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Virtual LeaderCon is an investment in yourself.

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Premium Registration

  • Live access to all sessions – watch live, ask questions & interact with the speakers & other participants.
  • Discover other attendees and speakers to connect with.
  • Every session available on-demand.
  • Transcript of every session – a great way to take notes, pass on to colleagues and team members and more.