Fostering Our Mental Fitness

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There are many factors that impact performance at work. Skills, experience, physical health, mindsets and values. And one that often gets overlooked is mental health. When we’re stressed, anxious, or worried, we can’t do our best work. Stress, worry, burnout, and anxiety can impact communication success, levels of unhealthy conflict, and make the workplace more tense and a less inviting place. As leaders we want to promote a positive and productive workplace – one where people can get great results together. – Mental health challenges for one or more people can severely impact reaching that goal consistently.

In short, we cannot be at our best for our teams, our families, or ourselves if our mental health is compromised. That’s why we want to support you and your colleagues by proactively improving your mental fitness.

We are excited to bring you this brand-new, one-day event with experts and thought leaders with expertise, experience and wisdom that can change your mindsets, habits and results, helping you to become more mentally strong and fit.

Hosted by Kevin Eikenberry, we talked with seven experts to help you understand the challenges you might be facing. More importantly, we’ll give you specific tools, a relevant plan, and increased hope for improving your mental fitness.

When mental fitness improves, good things happen for people, their families, the communities in which they live, and the organizations in which they work.

Event Agenda...

  • Opening: An introduction and opening comments from Kevin and Chuck Chapman to set up this important day.
  • How to Lead Lightly with Jody Michael: Let’s learn how to look at our work through a new lens that can help us increase performance with less stress and greater clarity. A perfect first guest for our session.
  • How Leaders can Connect with People and Reduce Isolation with Ryan Jenkins and Steven Van Cohen: Isolation was a problem before the pandemic. Ryan and Steve will help us understand the challenge and give us practical ideas for building connections and reducing isolation at work.
  • How to Find Your Happy at Work with Beverly Jones: Too often, we find ourselves stuck in our thinking, approaches, and results – and when we are stuck, our mental fitness will suffer. Join us for tangible and practical ways to get unstuck and find fulfillment at work.
  • How to Break Free from Daily Burnout, Struggle Less, and Thrive More with Nataly Kogan: The author of The Awesome Human Project joins us to help us reduce burnout, struggle less and thrive more. This session really delivers on the title!
  • How Understanding our Brains Can Help our Mental Fitness with Heidi Hanna: Our final guest will give us a better understanding our brains – and how we can build our mental fitness every day.
  • The Final Session: We will debrief the day, talk about our individual and organizational next steps, and close the day with energy and intention.

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  • Transcript of every session – a great way to take notes, pass on to colleagues and team members, and more.